Welcome to Daisy Delicatessen, a traditional deli providing high quality, locally sourced produce at affordable prices. We are a proud, family owned business with more than 30 years experience, serving the local residents of the West Midlands.

Visit our shop and you'll find an array of quality cooked meats, cheeses, sausages, pies and pasties. We offer so much more than your local butchers or supermarket deli counter. With jams, teas, snacks & confectionary as well as a number of speciality Irish food products, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional knowledge and service to our customers.

Come along and experience our traditional deli for yourself. Browse our wide range of cooked meats and talk to our staff about our other services, including free delivery for local residents.

Antipasto board with prosciutto salami and other goodies

Taste the difference with our range of high quality, affordable cooked meats, including a number of specialist goods such as smoked hock, bacon blocks and over 35 types of Salami and smoked products on request.

We offer a wide selection of cheeses to cater for every taste. Choose from our fine cheeses and purchase by weight rather than a pre-packed selection. Treat yourself and to something special.

Discover our range of traditional Irish grocery products including Clonakilty sausage, Kelly's and Galtee black and white pudding, Erin soups, Bolands, Barry's teas, jams and marmalades and many more.